Sea Angling

Sea Angling is a great activity for all ages. We set off from Reykjavik´s Old Harbour and head out to Faxaflói Bay, where our experienced fishermen will usually spot fish in a flash! We sometimes pop in for a visit to the puffin island on our way to the fishing grounds.

If you haven´t been sea angling before, don´t worry, it is very easy, and our crew will happily show you the ropes, advising you on bait and passing on their knowledge of the seas. Our sea angling tours are perfectly suited both to experienced fishermen and to those who simply wish to relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounding with a fishing rod in hand. On our sea angling tours you get to spend a lot of time with your captain and the crew, who are always telling entertaining stories of the sea and very willing to answer any questions you may have.

We BBQ your catch on-board & serve with potatoes and garlic sauce!

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

Pick up: 45 minutes prior to departure. 

Operation:  May 1st – September 15th, daily

Included: Guided boat tour with a skilled crew, fishing rods & other equipment, protective clothing. Keep your catch or BBQ it on board!  

Bring with you: Please remember to bring warm clothing.

Note: Please note that for your enjoyment, this tour is subject to weather and conditions at sea and therefore it could get cancelled on short notice. 

  • Special Tours has 100% fishing success
  • Fishing rods, protective clothing and other equipment are all provided
  • You can either keep your catch or barbeque it on board
  • Experienced guide & friendly crew on every tour
You Bring
Dress warm and bring a smile :)
Detailed Map
13.000 ISK