Lava Tunnel - Raufarholshellir

Raufarhólshellir is one of the longest and best known lava tubes in Iceland. Very accessable with paths and footbridge so suitable for everyone. The tunnel is impressively lighted up, so you can see the changing colors in the tunnel. The cave was formed as a lava tube during an eruption which occured about 5200 years ago. 

Located a 30 min. drive from Reykjavik and is easily accessed year round. The tour takes 50-60 min with an expert guide, giving you the best information on the tunnel. 

Duration: 50-60 min.

Operation: Daily, all year

Included: Guided caving tour, flashlight and helmet

Bring with you: Warm clothes and sturdy shoes

Minimum age: 3 years

Tour ID: LT

Detailed Map
6.400 ISK