Your Icelandic Summer Bucket List

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It‘s true that the Icelandic summer does not necessarily equal beach season, but here on our little island of Ice and Fire, summer is the time to enjoy the midnight sun, nature exploring and fun activities.

Because the winter and summer season are so different, there are activities that can only be done in winter such as the Northern Lights and others that belong to the summer. Here below are 5 activities that were on my bucket list for this summer and that I wanted to share with you to give you some ideas for your Iceland summer adventure. 

  1. Visit Greenland - Day trip to Kulusuk

    With a special offer this summer, a day tour to Kulusuk village with Air Iceland Connect is a great way to add an unbelievable experience to your stay in Iceland. Among breathtaking views over the snowcapped mountains surrounded by floating icebergs in the ocean, your guide will show you around the village and tell you all about local life and traditions. Just think about it – a visit to the world’s largest island, is only a day away and it will be so much to remember!  To learn more, check out my Kulusuk blog here or if you’re ready to book just click here.Greenland Adventure

  2. Go paragliding over the mountains in Reykjavik surroundings - Paragliding Tandem flight 

    Are you afraid of the heights (like I am) but willing to challenge yourself? Then a Paragliding Tandem Flight might be your next adventure because the best way to overcome one’s fear is of course to face it!  Conveniently located only about 30 min drive from the city, you’ll be well taken care of by Happyworld’s expert paragliding instructors. They’ll provide all the necessary equipment and instructions and as it is a tandem flight, the guide will accompany you all the way.  Iceland is the perfect place for a bird’s eye view with its volcanic landscapes of, craters, fissures, hot springs, and glaciers. Geology really comes to life as you fly free as a bird over the otherworldly moonscape. Are you tempted?  Check it out!Paragliding Iceland

  3. Take a journey towards the center of the Earth - Inside the Volcano tour 

    Do you like exploring nature’s most extraordinary sites and extreme locations? Here’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to go inside a real volcano, Þríhnjúkagígur, that erupted some 4000 years ago. Located close to the city in the Bláfjöll mountain range, the guided hike from the base camp to the volcano is an integral part of the tour so you will get to experience a real mountain hike as well. Once arrived at the volcano, we descended by open cable lift down to the bottom of the crater, 120 meters/400 feet, where we could enjoy the spectacular surroundings, stunning colors and the feeling of being inside the earth’s core. Pro tip: dress warmly because surprisingly, the insides of a volcano can be quite cold!  This activity is only available in the summer season and may in fact only be available for a few years more because it was originally intended to be open for a limited time, for conservation reasons.  Book your volcanic adventure here.Inside Volcano Iceland Adventure

  4. Take a boat tour to see puffins in their natural habitat - Puffin watching 

    Here’s also an easy activity to do while you’re based in the capital Reykjavík. On this one hour boat tour departing from Reykjavik’s old harbor you will get to see Iceland’s beloved puffins that nest on the islands off the shore during their breeding season in the summer. This tour is a perfect little addition to your day in Reykjavik and a great family-friendly activity. These adorable little seabirds migrate from Iceland out to sea for the winter so don't miss your opportunity! Pro tip: bringing binoculars is always a great idea for serious birdwatching. More about the tour herePuffin watching Iceland

  5. Kayaking on a glacier lagoon

    Only 10 years ago you could walk on the ice of Sólheimajökull glacier right where the glacier lagoon is today. But little by little as the glacier has retreated, this impressive glacier lagoon has appeared from underneath. Because of the rapid changes of the glacier the lagoon never stays quite the same, drifting icebergs create a new landscape from one week to another. The calm waters of the lagoon make it an ideal location for an enjoyable kayaking tour. Sailing between majestic icebergs is an adventure to write home about.Kayaking on a glaicer lagoon in Iceland


    So, here are my recommendations for unique summer activities in Iceland, that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I did.  Then you’ll just have to come back for adventures only available in the wintertime.  I look forward to sharing some of my winter favorites with you!

    Natalia Stolyarova