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As your concierge in Iceland, we need to be able to give advice on all sorts of things: what to do, things to see, how to get there, where to shop, what to eat etc.  We do our very best to give honest and good advice, so a part of our job is doing research on the best things Iceland has to offer.

One of the things we get asked a lot, is where to find the best restaurants in town, so one of our happy chores is to try out the restaurants in Reykjavik on a regular basis.  There is a surprising number of restaurants in the city for such a small population – but of course, this thriving restaurant scene is in great part thanks to the growing number of tourists here in our city.

Visitors often complain about the high prices here in Iceland and while it‘s true that a nice dining experience in Reykjavik doesn‘t exactly come cheap, it‘s equally true that you‘re rarely disappointed when you dine out in the capital. You can be certain of the quality and freshness of the food and ambitious Nordic cuisine inspired cooking.  However, for a more budget friendly option of restaurant dining in the city, I recommend going for lunch rather than dinner as the lunch menus are usually very reasonably priced, and often there are special lunch offers.

Restaurant in Reykjavik


Last week our team went for lunch at a new place at the Reykjavik Harbour called Marshall Restaurant+Bar. The restaurant is located by the old harbour, in an old herring factory. The factory was partially financed with the Marshall Aid that the Icelanders received from the US at the end of World War II, hence the name.  The building that had been standing empty for a while was renovated this year and is now the home to the Living Art Museum, the studio of world-renowned artist Ólafur Elíasson, as well as an exhibition space.  The view from the restaurant is the bustling fishing harbour and after lunch, you can walk around the house and get a nice dose of Icelandic modern art.

If you‘re one of those tourists that doesn‘t like tourists, this seems to be the place to go because there were only locals there for lunch, friends of all ages meeting up, as well as work colleagues from the area.  This is probably because the place is new and therefore has not registered yet on the tourist radar. The restaurant is run by one of Iceland’s foremost chefs, Leifur Kolbeinsson who specializes in Mediterranean style cuisine and has had great success with previous restaurants.

Drinks in restaurants in Reykjavik

When we sat down, we got delicious freshly baked bread and hummus on the table and at the waiter’s recommendation, ordered the Marshall lemonade, which was really nice and fresh.  I ordered the catch of the day – which happens to be my absolute favourite fish, halibut, which sadly we now get only occasionally, as there is a ban on halibut fishing.  It was frankly delicious – and let me tell you, we Icelanders are fussy when it comes to fish – we are so spoiled here with the great North Atlantic fishing grounds surrounding us that we always demand absolutely freshly caught fish!  My friend tried the watermelon with goat cheese – a very unusual combo – but apparently, one that works as she was in absolute heaven!

Dedicated as we are to our work we of course had to test the dessert menu as well and having heard rumours about the best-baked cheesecake in town decided to give that a go.  Suffice it to say, we rolled out of Marshall Restaurant happy and full and eager to recommend.

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