Into and Above the Glacier

Glacier Adventures and Snowmobiles

So I want to tell you about a trip that I went on this past March. Why? Because it was amazing!

I was given the incredible opportunity to participate in the Into & Above the Glacier tour with Reykjavík Sightseeing, where I got to snowmobile to the top of Langjökull glacier and then descend into the depths of a glacial ice tunnel.


We started our tour on a luxury bus on which there was an incredibly informative audio guide (bring your own headphones or purchase them on the bus). The audio was supplemented by our guide, Villi, who provided additional information on the sites we visited and kept everyone’s spirits high.

Our first stop was Húsafell nature reserve, located in the middle of a gorgeous and expansive natural landscape. From Húsafell, we started our glacier adventure in modified super-trucks that brought us up onto the glacier and to the snowmobile base camp. After a bumpy but thrilling ride we put on our insulated overalls, gloves, bandana, and helmets (all provided by the tour company, of course) and met our guide for the snowmobiling part of the tour. As I scanned the landscape, I noticed that the usually unpredictable elements in Iceland decided to provide us with perfectly balmy weather and warm sun — which was very welcome on the ice-cold glacier.

We sat down on our snowmobiles, started the motor and watched as everyone began their amazing ascent to the top of the glacier and up towards the ice tunnel. We rode up on an endless blanket of white snow sparkling in the sun – thank you Icelandic nature for being so beautiful! Racing over the glacier brought out so many different feelings.  It was so much fun, witnessing the power of pure nature combined with feeling so cool you wouldn’t be out of place  in a James Bond movie!

After that incredible experience, we stepped off our snowmobiles and headed into the glacier. The guide in the glacier was very knowledgeable. He told us exactly how the tunnel was made, about every rift of the glacier, how far they reached and different ages in the glacier layers, and tons of other interesting facts. Our guide then took us to a small ice chapel and various rooms that have been carved into the ice. In the chapel, he sang us a song and you could hear how each note jumped on the glacier walls and disappeared - incredible. After about an hour of exploring the tunnel it was time to head back.

The snowmobile ride back to the base was just as thrilling as the earlier ride. From the snowmobile base, we drove back down from the glacier but this time in a big ice-truck, taking a little more time but the extra time was more than welcome, as it gave us a few more minutes to admire the view.

As a bonus, we made two quick stops to look at some pretty amazing waterfalls, Hraunfossar and Barnafossar, on our way back to Reykjavík.  These are my two favourite waterfalls in this part of Iceland.  On our final ride back, the whole group swapped stories of their adventures and we were all equally intoxicated by this experience. I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.

So all in all, if you are looking for an amazing and diverse set of experiences and have only one day to explore Iceland - I would definitely recommend this tour.

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Picture credit: G. Motola -